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Incredibly rich, but not popular?
Incredibly popular, but not rich?

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Rich but not popular....I want a lowkey lifestyle where I can be still be myself, and wears simple clothes just like some business tycoon we've knew.

wat's the use of being popular if u got no money😂😂😂 evrything needs money..popular is just no big deal at all..ahah~

I believe when you are incredible rich, you will be very popular automatically. isn't it how the current world work?

7y ago

I totally agree with you.

Maybe it might be more interesting to ask rich or happy. :p just saying

7y ago


I want to be rich and better that no one knows because of security reasons.

5y ago

Rich rich rich

I would like to be rich so I can give my children a brighter future.

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you don't need popularity to make the world go round.

I don't need fame to make myself happy. Money is important.

Rich people are more often popular and famous.

Being popular is also great. In the right way