Which baby duty did you enjoy the least?
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Changing poopy diapers
Cleaning up spit up

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i think both especially if he vomits because you have to clean the area where he vomits. cleaning poop became hassle for me when we're outside and theres no bidet or changing area because I need to wash his butt with water & soap for cleaner finish 😁

pag sumusunod sa utos pero need na habaan Ang pacenxa Kasi Bata pa Siya Hindi pa Siya masyado nakakaintindi.

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having a baby who has shallow gut and reflux, definitely vomits. whenever mine is sick, merlion all over...

I am fine with both, my least enjoy baby duty is to nurse a teething baby!!

i don't like diaper changing. thank god hubby does the changing. lucky me.

Diaper change! Daddy is my hero for bathing and changing dirty diapers.

none. i love to do anything for my son ☺️

Doing both is totally fine for me.

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Hahaha. So hard to decide a vote.

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spit up & vomits are the worse!