Stopping breastfeeding

When can I stop breastfeeding my baby? Is there a minimum time period to follow or baby will not get the benefits of breast milk?

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If your body allows, Best to breastfeed exclusive until baby turns 6 months old. Then slowly wean off. It would be great if you continue breastfeed for more than 6 months. For me, breastfeeding timing is the best bonding time for both of us! The moment when the baby looks at you is sooo precious.

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I think recommended is minimum 6months of breastfeeding, but I think no matter for how long, as long as got feed breast milk baby will definitely get the benefits. ☺️

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There’s no time frame per say, but encourage to bf as Long as possible. I felt that it is really beneficial for baby. After I stop, he get sick easily :(

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Minimum exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months as per who standard and then extended breastfeeding for as long as you can (2-4 years)

Just give up when you think you cannot take it. There is no hard and fast rule

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Best is till at least 6 Mo but I would continue as long as my baby wants!

Give the precious gold to your lo as Long as you could. :)

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I would think at least one year.. :)

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I would say, as long as you could.

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Minimum 6mth breastmilk