Starting trimester 2

What to expect in trimester 2?

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Forgetfulness.. currently 17 weeks ++ and I start to forget a few daily important things like taking my supplements when at 1st trimester, I never skip a day. Tight pants and rolling panties. can't fit into my fav jeans anymore, have to go and buy elastic band pants or go for more dresses. Tiredness, I feel more tired now compare to 1st trimester. I need to nap in the afternoon. whatever it is, I'm enjoying and getting annoyed at the same time with all the changes😂😂😂

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You can expect better appetite, frequent toilet visits to pee, etc. I’m generally more tired & forgetful nowadays. Be prepared to be more clumsy too as you enter 2nd trimester, I’m at 21 weeks now & I can’t see what below my belly.. 🤣🤣

Trimester 2 was smooth and a breeze for me. I ate more than usual, without the morning sickness & aches. Probably prepare for your glucose test, baby’s movements & growing tummy.