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Can I eat spicy foods while pregnant?

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I don’t see why not, unless doctor strictly says otherwise. But remember lah, everything in moderation. You can even eat spicy food while breastfeeding. https://sg.theasianparent.com/spicy-food/

I love spicy food. But I realise that now in my third trimester, can't eat too spicy cos will be having more heat burn and acid reflux.

I was also wondering cus I can’t live without Chili 🙊 From the replies I guess it’s safe! 😬

Yup no issue for the baby actually! Just that it might cause some heart burn and discomfort for you.

I love spicy food! But everything in moderation because it can give you frequent heartburn.

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sure why not? but i ate less spicy cos i kept having stomach upset the day after lol

yes! why not.. just in moderation as may cause heartburn in some..


Yes, as other mummies have pointed out, everything in moderation!

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you can hv it. just moderate. wat ever u eat..yur baby also eat

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Yes but again moderately and pay attention if you can take it.