My son is going 4 months and I am going back to work on Monday. When I start work, I will be leaving my son with my mum at her place. Thus, these few days I have been bringing him there hoping to get him to be use to the place. He is not unfamiliar with the place cos occasionally we will go there for dinner and anyone in the family can carry him. My mum has been seeing him frequently ever since he is born. However, these few days when he is there, he seems to know that I am going to leave him thus he will cry and cry, refused to be carried by anyone except me. When my mum is carrying him, he will cry looking for me. Once he sees me, he will stop crying. It breaks my heart to see him crying so badly. Anything I can do to make him settle down better at my mum's place?

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Several options are available: Always say goodbye. Kiss and hug your baby when you leave and tell her where you're going and when you'll be back, but don't prolong your goodbyes. And resist the urge to sneak out the back door. Your baby will only become more upset if she thinks you've disappeared into thin air. Keep it light. Your baby is quite tuned in to how you feel, so show your warmth and enthusiasm for the caregiver you've chosen. Try not to cry or act upset if your baby starts crying – at least not while she can see you. You'll both get through this. The caregiver will probably tell you later that your baby's tears stopped before you were even out of the driveway. Once you leave, leave. Repeated trips back into the house to calm your baby will make it harder on you, your child, and the caregiver. Hope it helps.

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Here are some ideas that may help make things go smoother when baby is going through a separation anxiety stage: - Be calm and consistent. - It helps to create a good-bye ritual – give hugs & kisses and then say good-bye – and GO. Don’t come back (it makes it worse for baby and you)– just go. - Baby’s favorite items, blankets or stuffed animals, can help baby feel more secure, too. - Keep in mind that separations are harder on your baby if he is tired, hungry, or sick. Whenever possible, try to time separations when your baby is happy, awake/alert, and healthy.

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Not sure if it would help, but maybe you can try leaving some familiar things with him as comfort. perhaps like a teddy bear he sleeps with, or a clean tshirt of yours to use as his blankie. always say 'goodbye, see you later' & give him a kiss when you leave. after a while, he should understand that you always come back and start to be less anxious when you leave

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ok usually every morning before i leave for work i will tell my boy, mummy gg for work u be good then i will hug and kiss him.. he is stayg at home with granny but cry when i am gg to work.. now after 2 months i am still doing the same every day and i think he has slowly got used to it.. probably ur son just need a little time to adjust.

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let your mum be with you at your place to care for the baby when you are around so he gets familiar with her when you are around him. it gives him the feel that the two of you are his caregiver. thereafter you can let mum have him at her place when you are not there . try this method for one week minimum

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I think your clean home clothes will help. Put one with him as blankie. My son as well. At night he will only want me to carry him to sleep although my helper feed her day time. I train bb with bolster as well. So he will have something with him as comfort

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Can ask your Mother to go to your place instead? Until LO gets used to being with your Mother. Den switch to caring at your mums place.

sometime we just have to be a bit stone hearted and just ignore their cry I know it's hard and is a form of training

you should stop going to office