hi mommies is it possible if unmarry couple , bf accompanying into the labour ward ?

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only spouses are allowed. special cases, immediate family members can take over spouse position. Unless u in private hospital/ward, with exceptions.

What I know it is only mother or spouse is allowed. Not too sure if the policy same or change. You may check with the relevant hospital you are in.

hi i was 16 when i gave birth to my first at KKH, my boyfriend (we're unwed) was allowed to come in during labour, etc..

My friend's boyfriend need to wait outside while the mum accompany inside But you can enquire the hospital too :)

I was unwed. For both pregnancies and my boyfriend accompanied me. Gave birth at kkh. No problem if you’re 18 and above.

6mo ago

Dont need to fill up letter but they will ask. Just tell your bf to inform them that he is your fiance and you guys are getting married. They wont ask so much.

we need to fill up any form for those whom we want to support in the labour is it ?

should be able to, previously my labor my biological sister was with me.