Parents shouldn't restrict children's activities or decisions
Parents shouldn't restrict children's activities or decisions
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It really have to depend on situation or kind of activity. If my kids want to draw or paint after I mopped or clean the floor; I will not stop them and respect their decisions. However, if they want to dash across the street after seeing someone doing so. Of cos, I have to stop them.

Parents need to restrict children's choices if it could be dangerous or have serious consequences. But I think when it comes to minor decisions like what shirt to wear children should be allowed to decide for themselves

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give them some space and let them choose what they want...but as parents we must know what good or not about their decisions...always follow up...always give advice...

If my kids are in danger, then I will restrict their decisions that could lead them to get hurt of course

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Have to see what situation. sometimes kids doesn't make the right choice

It would depend on what activity or decision they are planing to do

i let them have a child time .they need a playtime


Agree but if that decision is not wrongdoing