Baby cries badly before sleeping: is it normal?

Is it normal for 4 months old baby to wail about 1-5mins before he falls asleep? My baby cries badly whenever I put him on bed to nap or even when I carry him to pat. He will eventually fall asleep but he will cry before that. Can see he is tired because he started yawning, rubbing eyes. Is it because he is overtired? I thought it was because he is overtired hence the cries so I tried to put him to nap once I see him yawn but he still cries the same. My heart breaks when I see him cry like this every time before nap or bedtime sleep. Any insights? :(

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Yep its normal! For my LO, when he starts yawning rubbing eyes, he is already overtired and will cry if I don't put him to sleep immediately! But that is not possible, since my LO needs to be swaddled to sleep so he will scream and cry and struggle as I swaddle him, and he would escape his swaddle and I would need to reswaddle. He needs to calm down after I swaddle him, so I will need to rock him or give him his pacifier, and that would take very long (like 30 to 40 mins) for him to finally sleep. So I need to put him to sleep before he even shows the tired cues. For my LO, I will keep track of his wake windows, and if he has been awake for more than 45 mins, and I see that he is less responsive to me (like I try to make him laugh or talk to him but he just stares at me blankly) then I will start his nap routine already (takes about 10 mins). When I finally put him down on his cot, he will start his yawning and give him his pacifier and he would sleep within a minute. However if I missed the window and his sleepy cues start already, then bless me. 🤣🤣🤣

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5mo ago

Check whether he wants milk,needs to change diaper,nappy rash or stomach upset(air inside stomach),teething period.Before bedtime it's good to apply baby oil to baby's stomach,on his back and massage both of his feet.Can buy Woodward's(Gripe water oral solution) from supermakets,for the relief of wind and sooth baby's teething period.Give pacifier. Swaddle him,when weather is cold.The room must in good temperature for him.

Means overtired. My baby ever cry murder sooooo badly to the point he got no sound and kind of held his breath. After so many attempts of shushing him and rocking he eventually fell asleep. Pacifier and white noise helps. Also when he cry murder i try to let him look outside the window and carry him over shoulder

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Yes my 3m old most of the time is like that. Might also be baby overtired, thats why he’s cranky bt will eventually fall asleep. But for mine it doesnt happen everytime only certain time. Maybe when he has showed signs of being sleepy but i still let him play on his own then snap! Cry very badly, until no sound

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hmmm might be a sleep regression going on in my opinion. had that too and lasted for almost two weeks. fret not, just keep to your usual routine okay! jia you mommy!