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Hi mummies please help me out for not over thingking my LO is currently having a high fever on and off until now,She having fever 5th days already now,i taking her to the hospital already on her 2nd day of fever,Kk hospital gave her 2 kinds of medicine which is ibuprofen and paracetamol,igave the ibuprofen when her temp. Is 38.5 degree C and above when the paracetamol is never respond to her fever within 2 hours.My question is why her fever stay so high and never ever been going down😪😪😪i feel so sad for my poor little girl🥹🥹😭I am a first time mum is someone go through like this before?i am so stress in a whole day.Somemore when my husband go to work me and my LO in a whole day.Idont have someone to help me,i followed all the medication and how to taking care of fever baby,but why until now my LO never get well🥹😭😭😭#adviceplease #firsttimemom #newmom Help me 😭😭😭😢😢😢

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There are some viruses put there that takes a while to go away. It's usually not too bad as long your baby is not lethargic and can still retain fluids. But I would bring my kid to the doctor again if the fever persists past 5 days. If it is a bacteria infection the doc will need to give antibiotics for treatment. If its influenza ( which can cause fever for a week or so), at least the doc can check the kid to make sure the lungs are OK. It's tough when you're a ftm for sure, hope your baby recovers soon!

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Hello! After five days of fever and administrating both paracetamol and ibuprofen according to instructions, but the fever is persistent above 38°C please go back to KKH A&E and explain specifically that fever medication had no impact. If ur child is still small (infant/toddler) usually they will push to be warded even after IV paracetamol (rarely given for babies) for observation if fever continues to be high! However it seems older kids may be sent home if stablised.

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If fever more than 5 days, NEED to bring to doctor or best, hospital. Usually prolong fever is due to virus and body fighting infevtion. My baby had on and off high fever (highest 39.8), was warded and doc say he got rhinovirus. But if alr discharged and fever persist pls bring hospital again, ask them to do blood, urine test and nasal swab test to test virus. Mine only found out the virus thru nasal swab

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huggggsss mummy u are doing v well alr, sometimes baby's fever may persist for many days, but on 5th day u might want to see doctor again just to get further advice. meanwhile continue what you're doing, sponge her in between the meds as well and dress baby lightly in a well ventilated room

Hi mummy, my baby was hospitalised 3-4 days when he’s having high fever. They also did alot of blood test and urine test to rule out infection. Did they do the same to your baby?