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Hi mummies, as im a ftm im not exactly sure how maternity leave. I only know im entitled to 16 weeks, however when do you usually start your maternity leave ? On the day youre admitted to hospital, on the day baby is born or a week or 2 before edd ? At which week did you give birth & start your maternity leave ? Or do i need to take AL a week before edd then when baby delivered thats when ML starts ? Since we also wont know when will baby comeout unless if its elective csect. I know some will say i need to ask HR but i would like to know mummies’ experience #FTM #pleasehelp

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I only start maternity leave on the day baby is born. Prior to tt I took 4 weeks HL but this depends on ur gynae. I'm a teacher so we don't have any AL. And due to my chronic asthma and very swollen feet, gynae was more lenient in giving HL. Mine was a private gynae btw, in pte hosp. You may want to ask ur gynae if he/she can give HL before EDD. Even if it's a week only, just take it. Better than starting ur ML earlier or take A/L. Even if u feel ok to work prior to giving birth, it's definiteky better to fully rest before giving birth. You wld rather save it later on to spend more time with ur baby.

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I am 36 weeks and will be seeing my gynae this Fri. planning to ask for HL from 37 weeks and start ml when inducing at 39 weeks. legs swollen and if I don't disappear from work I will be worked till the last day as my colleagues and bosses just don't want to take over or let me go

Can take continuous or flexibly. But first 56 calendar days die die also need to be continuous. I only let my boss know i will go on ML the day i give birth to my ger. However, i took ml on the day i got admitted. I gave birth on 39+6.

i'm a teacher too! i requested for HL at my 38weeks + 3 days check up. and started my ML at exactly 39 weeks when i gave birth to baby😊

From what i know ML starts on the day ur bb born, before that can use HL. in my case my gynae very generous with HL, i got it since week 30!

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which gync very generous. me edd 11.11 already ploted 2 weeks earlier for ML


i have 2 kids & my maternity leave was taken differently... the 2nd one i started later & spread out further over a year...

I took 1 week HL before giving birth and ML the day my twins were borne. Gave birth on 38th week.

I'm taking 2 weeks before edd. u can start ML one month earlier from your edd as per MOM law.

start 4 months ML on the day my baby is born, work till the day of Csec