Post maternity leave blues

Hi mummies. I returned to work this Tuesday after my 4 months maternity leave. I was really down and sad not able to be there for my baby. I’m sure all mummies will feel the same. I thought it will get better after a few days but these feelings still remain. I felt emotional whenever I received my baby’s photos from my mum and when I think about my fear of missing out. Work was busy and it’s difficult to catch a time to pump milk. Always with sudden meetings and duties. I can never leave my work place on time due to the workload and only to reach home at 6+ to 7pm which only left me with 2-3hrs of time with baby. The covid situation in my workplace is getting worst. I know it’s a new normal now. There’s at least one person get contacted with covid each day. I’m worried I might get it and pass it to baby and the thought of not able to see and touch baby for 7 days is painful. Babies are young and they are unable to express their pain if contacted by covid and we aren’t sure about the long term effects. I’m planning to resign soon but notice is 3 months long. I cried almost everyday since I start work. How do you manage post maternity leave blues? #advicepls #1stimemom #pregnancy #worryingmom

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I cried a wk before my gal went to ifc (and me back to work). I had separation anxiety but realise she is enjoying herself when teachers upload her pictures. Slowly i got used to it and didnt tear anymore. I agree work is also busy for me. I dont work from only 8-5.30 but sometimes i have stuff to rush i end up working late. But at least for me 3 days r at home and 2 days in office. But days that i am in office n if i were to travel home myself.. its gonna take 1-2 hours just to travel home 😅 even when hb picks me, i also spend less than 3h with baby. For me i never tot of resigning because i know i cannot tahan being a SAHM. And i guess theres alot of tings to consider too.. Cheer up!

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