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Hello mummies , i am asking in this platform to understand if anyone else have been through this situation or have any advises for me ? I am able to apply for housing next year may 2023 onwards as i have fulfilled the 1 year continous employment with my 1st job earning $1800 monthly , my spouse recently change work so i am the one whose able to have the 1 year employment with cpf contribution and i also started another job in September with $1,400 salary therefore , my total income is $3200 and my spouse at $1400 . Total our household income is $4,600 . I was wondering how HLE works as i have 2 jobs and my spouse as 1 job with i be given the hle according to my both income together with my spouse or my 1 year employment and my husband job only .. I am looking at getting a 4 room flat any idea if i can get my hle - with 2 income of mine and 1 from my spouse .

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If I remembered correctly, there will be a few HLE accessment but you just need to worry about the last and final one before key collection. Make sure by then your income is stable because whatever is reflected by then will be your final loan amount. Only jobs that have CPF contributions will be considered as your “income”. Eg you mentioned your total income is $3200, so if only $1800 has CPF contributions, then your income will be $1800 instead of $3200. As long as you both have CPF contributions, you most probably can get HLE (amount changes based on income). Above is based on my own experience as I just got my keys on Oct 😅.

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12mo ago

Yes , one of the agent ask me to do my hle and submit the payslip documents but only can use 1 company so what i did was i merge both payslip for different company same month and attached so still waiting for updates from HDB .