Leaving your kids with your in-laws...
Leaving your kids with your in-laws...
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It's okay, they are family!
Never, I trust nobody!

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Honestly, I'm ok but my husband thinks that only his mum can handle my daughter. He listens to my MIL completely. Even the school that she attends, she must give the green light before we can send her over. I really regret marrying a man who is a mummy's boy. He even says that I only have myself to blame as I need to get a place on my own even if the size is small simply because he wants to stay with his parents especially his mum.. This was not shared with me even before we got married.

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depends. I don't have "inlaws," as im a single mother. though I have two kids with different fathers and would 100% leave my daughter with her grandparents but my son with a different father would never go with his grandparents ever.

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my mil does follow my pref of feeding my boy. So im ok with leaving him with her. usually will only leave him to her for a few hrs to run my errands then come back.

its ok...but i dont want to burden them always...sometimes is ok...

ok lang... para may bonding.. gusto ng mga lolo at lola yun..


Never she cannot take care my child due to health condition

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It's not that i dont trust. Malayo kasi sila

Grandparents always love kids so it's safe


No, they have their own privacy time.


It’s okay, they are family