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When i was 22 years old, i dreamed to become a mother but unfortunately my partner is too young to be a father hes still 19 so i told him na "ok until mag 27 ako i will let you grow and be mature first" but God has another plan i didn't reach 27 i was pregnant at the age of 26 with a new boyfriend after almost 4 years with my ex, never kami naka buo or a chance na maka buo but nung nag break kami few months nakilala ko tatay ng anak ko and i got pregnant, with or without him im happy kasi may baby na ko and i promise to my child na ibibigay ko lahat ng makakaya ko bilang nanay niya.

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We're doing a lot better now, but the first year was real tough. I guess many things aren't what we expected them to be, but the woes behind breastfeeding got me. Another thing would probably be that I never thought I would be going through parenthood alone? I always wanted a child but I guess I forgot to ask for a loving husband to come along in the package.

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i never thought i could clean somebody else's poo and congratulate them for pooing. i also never thought i could care for a little kid, let alone a newborn baby, but I did it like a pro. i also never thought that I would nag as much as my mom and grandma do 🤣😪🤦

i didn't thought that it would be as fulfilling as i am going through today. i am a new mother so i need to adjust to the new environment . it may be tiresome and restless but when i see my baby's smile i could say that all of my efforts are worth it

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never thought i would have so many night shifts... it has been a 388days of night shifts and counting... i imagined myself reading to my lo before bed time. But when he disrupted every attempt by trying to tear the book, i gave up. 😂

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Motherhood is a God-given privilege. Let's continue to seek God's guidance in performing our task as parent to our children. No one is perfect, but we can be the best mother for our children.

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I dont know 🤣 maybe am just not expecting too much before or should I say I dont have any thoughts about it 😅😅😆 and am just enjoying my motherhood now. Whatever it takes.

I always know how hard it is to be a mother but I accepted it with arms wide open. I always love children, no words can express how much happy i am when they came into my life.

No sometimes its difficult for me parenting a child alone is not easy sometimes l ended giving up but later on l just have to pull myself together and remain strong for my baby