Vagina feels like pulsing

Im in my second trimester (week 23) and while i am working i feel my vagina is pulsing a few times. I goggled and cant find any info. Any mums experienced this? #firsttimemom #FTM #pleasehelp #firstbaby #firsttiimemom

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i do experience the pulsing near vagina. i just assume it's the baby movements that affected it cos it feels similar to the kick i feel near my belly button also.

It’s normal, it’s either hiccups or just due to increased blood flow. Gets very annoying sometimes especially when you’re trying to sleep 😂.

Maybe it’s the baby hiccups. I felt it near my anus 🤣🤣🤣

perhaps just fetus positioning near there? it’s only short while right?

1y ago

Yea, the pulsing sensation lasted abt 4-5times and it ended