Just tested positive. What to do next?

I have just tested positive with a home test kit. I should be in Week 5 now. Totally clueless what to do next. Am excited yet anxious and worried at the same time. Many questions going through my mind. Which Gynae to go to? What should i do now? Appreciate some advice and guidance.

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congrats! me too totally lost cuz its my first! calm down. 😂 i went both route actually. both polyclinic referral to kkh and thomsons women clinic. i kan chiong Cuz polyclinic have to make appointment now... while waiting for it to happen cuz polyclinic will probably do urine test and not ultrascan. if u are as anxious as me, i went thomson women for my scan and i had the transvaginal scan as i was in the early stage. just a peace of mind that things are well so far. thomson side gave me some prenatal vitamin and something to prevent miscarriage. attended KKH appointment after, no long wait actually. but they do ultrascan, which u barely can see anything.they referred me to go back again on week 9. and no medications given.

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1mo ago

Hihi, just asking for Thomson Women do you make appointment with specific doc or is just their general clinic and after that you may book further appointments with your preferred doc? How do you go about it?

Congratulations! Decide if you’d like to go through the private route or the subsidised route. Should you choose a private route, you can call up the clinic straight to make an appointment. They will typically arrange an appointment with you from 8 weeks onwards. Should you choose a subsidised route, get a referral from you nearest polyclinic. They’ll do the neccessary and you can just wait for the appointment. (:

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Congratulations! You can either 1) Find one that is near your place, then search for reviews. 2) Ask your friends/relatives who had already given birth if they have any gynae they recommend. Then after you decided, call up and schedule your first visit. 😊

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11mo ago

Next is to eat, drink, rest well and most importantly, stay positive and happy! ☺️

Pause and enjoy the milestone, then evaluate your gynae options either government or private. Then it’s waiting for your first scan!

11mo ago

Just had my first scan today! So amazed by how such tiny little thing (less than 3mm) already has a heartbeat!