I wish my spouse took me on dates more often
I wish my spouse took me on dates more often
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True - what happened to romance?
False - I get enough attention!

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We don't get the chance to go out alone, since we have two young kids. But we always make sure we give each other enough attention and love 😊

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9 yrs bago kami nag-baby. i can say na kota na ako sa dates hahahaha mas priority namin now yung date with LO as much as possible.

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I think I get enough attention. I mean I wouldn’t mind going back to date nights once this situation is over.

though i get enough attention sometimes i feel romantic date are really romantic gesture to express love

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I wish even when work kicks in, we still have time n energy to date. Especially with 3 kids.

sometimes we do both need a break from parenting

focus more on raising our kids first

Who woudn't want a romantic date?

i get enough attentions

The more the merrier