I wish my spouse earned a bigger salary
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I wish he able to see how much i'm earning compare to him. Yet he keeps on saying i'm not saving whereas i'm paying for all the children necessities

6y ago

maybe he work for his motor, psp, etc. ? binata style ?

Money is never enough, the best way to manage is to learn to live with what you have. Otherwise we will always be constantly unhappy.

I'll rather my husband earn lesser a little to compensate for the lost time he had with the kiddos

its okay as lóng as as we can live separately from my father in law.. ? and step mother in law..


Agree and i want earned my income by my own also but i really need husband’s time spend together

Any amount unless it has provided our basic needs, it's enough for me.

Not only my husband but me too! I want to have a bigger salary!

Every one needs more money. That's the fact.

I'm thankful with whatever he provides me