I wish I had gotten pregnant...
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No, I got pregnant at the right age

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I got pregnant when I was 18, gave birth when am 19. So far so good 😊😊 parang magkapatid lang kami nang anak ko hehe. Advantage is mas masusubaybayan nang matagal si lo habang paglaki pero am not advising na gayahin ako hehehehe right age is when you really know what you're really ready for the responsibilities

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Im 19 teen but pregnant at the age of 18 teen and giving birth to my first son this April. it wasn't the right age and the right time for me. Coz i almost finish my U, But i had no choice to end and restarted it from the begining. It's okey, cos age doesnt matter in studying.

I got pregnant at age 20. Is not a right age for me. Hoping to get a later age around 23-24? Because i can save more for my boys.. but good is, suffer now and enjoy later😊

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I got pregnant way too early. But i guess it's also good? At least i suffer during the earlier stage then i can enjoy when my kids are older.

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Pregnant at 18, wouldn't say it's the right age but there are pros and cons :x Just wished I had the right guy too.

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earlier! i got preg at 27. my body wasnt good and we wanted some honeymoon period. thus dragged

I think I got pregnant late. at the age of 30. I wish I got pregnant at 25 or 26.

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haha i married 19 but emd up 24 then i got my first child... anyway no right age

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I married late but before that I wanted to get pregnant at age 25-28..😁😁

i got pregnant at right age but the father isnt right age / guy lol..