I just tested pregnant for 2-3 weeks using clearblue. What should i do next?

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Congrats!! You can first visit any doctor to get a blood test to find out approximately how far along are you in your pregnancy. Here are some general information for what to expect: The first appointment with a gynecologist is usually made at the point when you are 6-8 weeks pregnant. During which, a series of tests will be administered. You, your spouse's, and your immediate family members' medical history will be taken. There may be a pelvic exam and an ultrasound. (For more information on the list of tests done: http://sg.theasianparent.com/first_visit_to_gynea_dr_dana_elliott_srither/) Medical checkups aside, you can also think of ideas on how (and when) to announce the good news to your family and friends. ;) For now, take good care of yourself! Stay happy and enjoy the process.

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4y ago

which gynaecologist did u go to previously. seems very comprehensive

Congrats! For me i went to Polyclinic for referral for subsidize rates on the checkups. Also while waiting for my private rate gynae's appt usually about 20 weeks, seeing a subsidize doc will help me in check and update me on the baby's conditions hehe

3y ago

Can do subsidised first and go private later?

Congrats! Let your partner know if he doesn't know yet and book an appointment with gynecologist in the next few days! Be mindful of what you eat and drink, rest whenever you can and take care of yourself :)

Congratulations! U can search online for gynae and reviews on them. Decide on a gynae and then fix an appointment with them for the 1st check. Usually the first check is around 6 to 7 week.

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Book for a gynae appointment for visit at around 8 weeks plus. This is when the ultrasound scan will be more obvious and u can detect baby heartbeat better.:)

Congrats! rest, drink lots of water and eat healthy meals. stop smoking, drinking and eating raw food. happy pregnancy

Congrats! Do make an appt to visit a gynae to arrange for some tests and scans, rest well and keep yourself happy.


Go to the polyclinic for referral. They will require u to do urine test to confirm and prescribed u folic acid.

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Congratzzz!! stay happy and healthy!!. and of course pay a visit to a gynae 💕💕 avoid raw food ya

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Congrats! Research for gynea see which gynea you prefer and fix your first appointment.