I run out of idea for quick finger food for my son's snack. Any idea about the recipe?

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Here are some recipes my cousin shared. These are a few of her favourite go-to: Chickpea cookies Nutritious and my niece absolutely loves it! My cousin will prepare more of the mixture to freeze, and bake a batch every few weeks. (but check if your baby has nut allergy) http://onehandedcooks.com.au/recipe/chickpea-cookies/#Z9cwx1JRLqzHDlko.97 Baked meatballs with simple tomato sauce This is a little messier when it comes to being a “finger food”. But my cousin will cook and serve this the whole family. http://onehandedcooks.com.au/recipe/baked-meatballs-tomato-sauce/#lRx1Q0EpttWEEdvY.97 Quinoa, Chicken and Broccoli nuggets Another tasty and healthy option. Again, one of those that she will make a bigger batch and freeze to keep. http://onehandedcooks.com.au/recipe/baby-toddler-finger-food-quinoa-chicken-brocolli-nuggets/#jpSPGxFrgTTOdmj0.97 Baked vegetable chips My cousin just coats a very thin layer of oil before baking. She sometimes cut it a little thicker (though the result will be less crispy) so that my niece could hold onto it and gnaw it. http://onehandedcooks.com.au/recipe/baked-vegetable-chips-fries/#9CtdibZ4EQwbaQRm.97

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I sneaked in a few bites of my friend's toddler's meal because it looks (and tastes) sooo good. It's basically sweet potato curls and chicken nuggets. I asked for the recipe and she directed me to this: http://www.annabelkarmel.com/recipes/herby-chicken-nuggets-with-spiralized-sweet-potato-curls

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Simple snacks such as sushi, steamed bun, pizza bread, fruits stick, and etc. are quick and easy to prepare. You can refer to this website for more ideas! http://food-4tots.com/