My husband does not want kids

My husband does not want kids and I do in the future. Every time we talk about it, we can never agree on any point. I am not sure how to resolve this or if it can be resolved at all?

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The first thing is to get to the bottom of why: is it financial, tiredness, health, age, something else? Once you understand the cause you can discuss rationally and find a solution. Sometimes though, people can be set in their age - but I know many people who when they were younger said no kids ever - now they have at least one and couldnt be happier... meaning people change their minds, so there may still be hope anyway

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Maybe he feels stress after having a baby. Maybe he worrying he couldn't raise his child well or worrying baby's health etc.. It is a commitment. Maybe bring it up when necessary but not purposely open a conversation of it..

Is it due to financial reasons? If it is, then I suggest the 2 of you sit down and talk about the numbers and come to a compromise about having children

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Perhaps understand what’s his reason? My Husband was resistance due to financial but eventually finance works out and my boy is coming 1 years old.

Try getting some info, like hw life would be with a baby in family. Also got baby bonus etc

Did your husband give you any reason for him not wanting to have kids?

Hemm did he ever mentioned before marry? As this is a serious issue

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He will surely love them when he has them