Wanting a 2nd child

Having dilemma whether to have 2nd child. I wanted to have 2 children but I dun think I can manage. My husband is not hands on, and for the past year I am having very bad eczema on my hands. My husband tells me to give up thinking abt having a 2nd child cause he thinks I cannot cope. I feel really upset.

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I feel you! I've always wanted to have 3 kids but since it's been so hard to cope and hard to find reliable help, and my hubby's work don't allow him to help much at home, I decided to stop at 2. I'm pregnant with the 2nd one and wondering how I'm going to cope. Thankfully my elder kid is very understanding and maybe he can help out too.

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Perhaps you can consider a gap between them. The older sibling will automatically be responsible and protective most of the time. Don't worry too much. If it's time to have you will have it! Good luck ♥️

7mo ago

thank you 😊

I believe your husband should also help you with taking care of your children if not it will be so tough for you. Good to reach a consensus on that and also ask yourself why do you want a 2nd child?

7mo ago


We have always wanted a 2nd child but hb always tinks i am not ready. Now that my 2nd born is alr a wk plus old, i really tink its a bit hard for us to manage tbh. 🥲

7mo ago

jia you!