KK or Thomson - for foreigner's baby delivery ?

We are foreigners living in Singapore (Not drawing a big fat salary). My company doesn't cover maternity insurance for my wife. We have been doing our monthly checkups at KK until 8th month of pregnancy. But for delivery some friends are suggesting that KK bills can be very expensive for Foreigners baby delivery. And some say that Thomson is better for foreigners who don't have insurance coverage. If the treatment, care for baby and mother, etc are same between these 2 hospitals, then can any of you advise about which hospital is better cost wise. Approximately how much would be the bill for Foreigner's normal delivery ? We are very confused about which hospital is cost effective. Please advise

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Super Mum

Hi Poorani, there are a few factors you would probably have to consider - the first being your doctor’s fee, where he/she can deliver baby and most importantly, the kind of birth you’d prefer for yourself. KKH is considered a government hospital and this would mean that as a foreigner, only the private patient fees would be applicable. The link for their antenatal package is here: https://www.kkh.com.sg/patient-care/areas-of-care/womens-services/pages/giving-birth-at-kkh/antenatal-packages-and-delivery-charges.aspx And there’s a delivery fee/charges calculator here: https://www.kkh.com.sg/patient-care/Pages/Estimated-Bill-Calculator-Form-Delivery.aspx If you see any questions regarding Medisave, tick the ‘No’ option. As for Thomson, this is a private hospital. And doctors fees here are higher. The estimated bill size, excluding antenatal package and doctor’s delivery fees can be found here: https://www.thomsonmedical.com/birth-at-thomson/finance-payment/average-hospital-bill-size/ This website does a very recent comparison: https://dollarsandsense.sg/much-cost-deliver-baby-singapore/ I would also suggest that you make a personal trip down to each hospital to run through the estimated bill size. This would give you a better gauge and a more precise one at that. Websites and hearsays will give you only a rough guide. Administrators there will be more than willing to talk dollars and cents with you and financial advisors are always on standby. Finally, if you’d like you can reach out to me via email - [email protected] and I’d be more than happy to help you with no obligations. I hope this helps.

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Super Mum

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