When did your bump start getting bigger every single week?:)

For first pregnancy esp! I know everyone is diff but just curious #firsttimemom

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For me, you could see like a little something there around 20 weeks or so but still at the stage ppl are guessing and nobody really dares to ask. But once hit around 26 weeks it was like BOOM suddenly it popped out overnight 😂 now at 28 weeks it’s hard for ppl not to notice, the kind when walking ppl will siam you and get out of your way and give up their seat for you obvious. 😂

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My bump was noticeable at 18 weeks already and quite obvious at 20 weeks. My colleagues were surprised I am only at 20 weeks, but its just because I'm short and petite. I'm currently at 24 weeks and my weight has already increased more than 20% since the start of pregnancy. I heard growth will be exponential once i hit 3rd trimester 😵😵😵

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Depends on your body size. For my first pregnancy not so noticeable yet but my current pregnancy seems quite obvious cos the muscles already stretched from first pregnancy

Mine only showed around late 7 months onwards~ But my bump is still considered small even at 40 weeks (FTM) 😊. I think it works differently for everyone~

Depends on your body size i guess? My bump was unnoticeable till the 7month.. coming to 8month, there is a sudden increase in size.

Mine started to be quite visible after later in the second trim and third tri you’ll just grow very quickly

Depends on your body type but mine started getting bigger almost every week in 3rd trimester

My stomach started getting hard @ 3 months then started growing at 4-5 months.

6 months onwards


not me