Do you usually wake before your child does?
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No - I wake up after
No - we wake up same time

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Yes I do. Other than to prep for the day, I set aside some quiet moments to myself. It could be reading a book or just doing light exercises. Helps me gear up for the day and feel less stressed out.

Internal alarm clock will wake me up even if I prefer to sleep through. Only when my kid is hungry then he will wake before me

My baby is our alarm.. Once may kakalabog na sa mga kabinets yung parang may pinopokpok ayun magigising na kami hehe

As much as possible sinasabayan ko ng tulog ang anak ko kasi pag sa gabi tulog na siya ako dami pa liniligpit

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Yes, I do. I like to have some time to prep for the day and breath a little before the madness begins ?

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Hehe, I'm guilty of being a mum that lazes in bed until my son grabs my hand and drags me out :x

yes...b4 they wake up rushing do my chores...but sometimes we wake up at the same time...?

Yes, have to. That's the best way to inculcate the habit in them.

Yes usually in sometimes we sleep and waking up together ?

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yes but sometimes he wakes me up for dede ?