Do you love your spouse or your child(ren) more?
Do you love your spouse or your child(ren) more?
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To the Poster and to all commenters, if you find or have found your self in the situation that this decision is pressured on you or just to you period then I can only hope you remain clear and strong minded. Simply because as a not only a woman but as a mother and a wife you should love God first yourself next and then your significant other after and your child right after but just as equal to. With that being said you are not to put your significant other first or above your child's wants/needs due to pure selfish reasons witch are more then likely the case if your significant other has you in this predicament of deciding. There should never come a day or a way made for any reason or in any way for this to have to come down to a one or the other choice. Yiur significant other only comes first Simply because it is whom you have spent and will continue to spend the rest of every day life with and face every thing that life has for you together. were as your child is made together, raised, loved and cared for together. and a creation of God and your love togethers gift back to the world. Set free to do so as you have done.

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I love my spouse most because one day my children will be far and busy in their lives with their families but my partner will always be with me till the end. We will be there all the time to share our pain and our happiness together.

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Its really a different type of love. There needs to be more options. Love is thrown around casually. I love that movie lol.

my spouse because he saved me from the dark past.. but the thing is the way I love each and everyone is different..

but both ofcourse dahil dimawawala ang pagmamahal ng magulang sa anak kahit gaano ka pasaway po.

I love myself, and spouse and children??☀️?♥️♥️♥️??

my children my everything Sila Ang pipiliin ko pero syempre love ko si hubby

Both its difficult to select one over the other...

Spouse....coz I'm first time pregnant.... I