Choosing baby names

Did you purposely choose a name for your baby which wasn't popular?

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Well, it's really depend. If very popular, go clinic, the assistant call Jayden, so many answer back. Some common names like jasmine, joanne, etc, use to be very common, but now, they are not common anymore, so it's really depend how popular and not popular you mean. Our era, jasmine, joan, sam, vincent, derrick is a very popular names, almost everyone will know 1 or 2, but now, i seldom see kids naming after this anymore. Our kids era, the more popular names are jayden, javen, chole, elijah, jairus. I thought jairus, elijah is not popular, but i already know 2 kids having this name. Jayden and javen don't need to say, my era don't even have 1, now on the street can find 2-3 kids naming after this easily.

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I know my father did. Well, not to say unpopular but he didn't want to give me and my brothers "normal" names with normal spellings. Haha. I remember years and years (still happening now) of teachers or random people not being able to pronounce my full name. To be fair, the names have good meanings but if you ask me (or my brothers), we would have preferred shorter names :) But we know that we are the only ones in the country (maybe world?) with those names so it's okay I guess.

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I wanted my kid's name to have meaningful meanings that would serve them as a reminder when they grow up. Also, I didn't want something to common nor too "Malay"-like. Nothng against it, just a preference

My parents decided on our names based on what they thought the words signify. I'm glad that I've not met many with the same name. My brother's and sister's names were more common though.

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Yes, how common the name was, was taken into consideration when choosing a baby name. We did not want something too common but also not something too unique

Mas pinili naming ipangalan kay baby yung simple pero may ibig sabihin. Yung tipo na pag tinanong ang anak namin kung saan galing ang pangalan niya may kwento.

yes i did! but on the day i delivered the same ward had 4 other babies with the same name. lol

Yes I did! With a unique name, people will tend go remember you better!

We tried to, but ended up keeping a very popular name. :)