My LO doesn't like me.

He cries and throw tantrums most of the times when I carry him. whenever grandma or his father carries him he is calmer. Especially now when he is sick I don't want him to cry too much and I keep worrying that he is not breathing. Most of the time my mother handles him so I understand. They keep telling me it's because they handle him most of the time that is why but no matter how I try it doesn't seem to work.

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Baby wearing - that was my answer to every temper tantrum. My daughter is 6 now and I still find the easiest way to stop her temper tantrum is to engulf her in a tight hug for a few mins first and then ask her to explain to me what’s going on. There’s something magical about the human touch.

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For myself as a daddy, whenever i take care of my baby girl from birth till now about 6months.. I learnt the more calm i am, controlling my inner self, my heart beat & my breathing to slow down… some how, my little one turn calmer. Hope this helps a little.

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May be u try to carry the same posture as them. Sometimes the way we carry different and baby is already familiar with whoever carry him longer

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It will take time.. have more bonding sessions.. let yr mum handle him lesser..

Don’t worry too much mummy. It will get better