Which hospital to give birth at

Anyone who gave birth at NUH or KKH recently? Need the price breakdown desperately … private at either of these hospitals is fine too, in need of urgent help please

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I gave birth last month via elective csect at KKH and stayed in A1 ward for 3 days. Had to make a deposit of 4.8k if im not mistaken for both mum and baby ward a day before my csect. A month after discharge later they send me another bill to make around $600 Dont know abt now but 2 years back gave birth at Mt A via emergency csect, 4 days stay at A1 ward, had to fork out around 8K cash Personally for me both experiences was just as pleasant, just at KKH less privacy as there were plenty of student nurses around i think. But if you dont mind that, i dont think theres much of a difference IMO

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Gave birth at NUH , B1 class and I was alone in the room for my entire stay. Paid a total of $1,600 after Govt subsidy and medisave deduction (normal vaginal birth, no pain relief) and it was a pleasant stay! I have given birth at KKH before and I can say that giving birth in NUH was way better in terms of experience and the birth team is 💯. If you wanna take A1 at NUH if im not wrong you have to deposit $2.7k (for normal delivery).

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Not worth doing at kk or doing private. Do it at nuh but subsidise. It's so worth it as docs n nurses r very professional n they r very patience. I didnt really pay much as most of it I paid via my husband medisave. Total roughly less than 4k include staying c section n epidural. If u wan private u have to roughly fork out 3k n above. Anyway all e pricing e nurses will update u.

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I gave birth at KKH back in 2020, subsidised B2, normal assisted delivery cost w epidural was about 3.7k fully from medisave. baby stay for 2 days was about 600 also from medisave.