Week 22

This week is going to be awesome


Find out whether your baby, who is big (or small) as a papaya, has established sleep and wake cycles this week. As for you, mum, enjoy your pregnancy by arranging for a maternity shoot.

Your Baby's Development

In this week by week pregnancy guide, you'll learn that:

  • Your baby looks more like a newborn, with developed eyes and lips.
  • His gums are already developing little tooth buds.
  • His organs continue to grow, while his pancreas is producing important hormones.
  • If you are having a daughter, her vagina is fully developed by now.
  • He has a developed pattern of sleep and wake cycles--can you believe it?

Pregnancy Symptoms

  • Your baby is filling up the space inside your body really fast. The result? He is pressing against your ribs, thus making breathing difficult.
  • You are beginning to attract bump-touches because people are drawn to pregnant women. Allow this, but only if you’re comfortable; and don't hesitate to say 'no' when you are uncomfortable.
  • You are developing an ‘outie’, which occurs when your growing belly pushes out your belly button. It may look odd through the clothes, but once baby is out, your belly button will return to normal.

Pregnancy Care

  • While travelling, take adequate precautions, especially when travelling via air.
  • Keep your posture right and support your aching back using a cushion.
  • If the swelling in your hands and feet makes wearing rings uncomfortable, remove accessories or jewellery for the time being.
  • Wear comfortable footwear with sturdy soles to accommodate your growing feet.

Your Checklist

  • Visit your gynaecologist regularly to monitor your baby’s growth.
  • Enjoy your lustrous hair. In most women, pregnancy hormones make the hair thicker and glossier than usual.
  • Don’t overdo it with work. Stress doesn’t do good things to mum and baby!


If you're getting a lot of body cramps, you may be low in potassium. Try to eat more bananas, yoghurt, and other potassium rich foods.


Drink 8 glasses of water a day to keep your blood pumping. This helps prevent light-headedness caused by the reduction of blood flow to your brain.

Research on the benefits of hiring a Doula – a trained professional who specialises in supporting the mother and her partner during the labour and delivery process.

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