What should I do when I fall down and will it affect the baby

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If you feel good and if you can still feel baby’s movement it should still be okay. I was on holiday when I tripped and fell. I landed on my knees to save myself from hitting my stomach onto the pavement. I didn’t feel any pain/no bleeding and baby still moved that night. If you feel pain, experience bleeding or just feel uncomfy u can go to a doc to get it checked out!

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I slipped and fell once when I was pregnant too. As long as you feels OK, no bleeding then is alright. I was worried back then too... You can go and see your gynaecologist for a check to be safe.

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I would probably consult my gynae to scan to Ensure everything is well. Also monitor on yourself to see any discomfort etc. Take good care.

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If u r not feeling any discomfort n u didn’t bleed means it’s ok , but better to check with ur gynae as well for safe side .. take care

Is it a bad fall? Hope you are okay? Or you can pop by your Gynae for a scan

i will definitely go to doctor. don't want to risk it

No if no bleeding and still can feel baby moves

Hi, Better to check with your gyane asap.

If it’s a bad fall pls see your gynae

Better to have a check with your gynae