Anyone Pregnant at 4months postpartum

What if pregnant at 4 months postpartum?

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You mean getting pregnant again after 4 months? Well it happened to my sister when she has her 3rd. She conceived her 4th after 4 months and that's when she is just done with a C section. She did go through up down during 4th pregnancy. However, after which she inform doctor she "close factory" as she requires a solid healing. And mind you, during the 4th child pregnancy, she almost had her stitches open up the very last lap causing her the tingling pain.

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Any tips to share for such close gap pregnancy and how should i be feeling and how to handle with 2 young ones. Still have not gotten to the right feeling of being happy to be pregnant again

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Possible.. i heard that you are v fertile after childbirth. I know someone who got pregnant again during her confinement. How it happened, I dare not ask..

I have friend who was preg again after 17 weeks pp . She gave birth already . Its ok , but u gonna be super duper tired , tats for sure

My hub’s couz got pregnant at 5 months PP. I believe still ok just more tiring since pregnant and taking care of newborn

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It does happen sometimes. Found a similar story