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Hi fellow moms, i am 30 weeks pregnant and started feeling less moments as compare to previous weeks from past 1 week. Is there anything to worry about or it’s normal? Should i be doing anything about this? Thanks in Advance!

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I m coming 32weeks... yes, movement has greatly reduced, and my gynae told me was due to space constraint in the womb as baby gets bigger so its normal. But do check with your gynae.

U r not alone.me too!!!Am 30 weeks and the few days not active at all!!!I think it's best to check with our gynae..take care mummy

Its normal due to lack of space for baby. As long as there is movement its a good sign.

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Hi! Are you sure? Thank you.

pls see your gynae for further review. All the best.

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Am 32weeks. Movements still a lot, and painful.

See gynea