Hi Mummies Do you know any free course to study? Kind of baking cake, make up, or study Chinese. I would like to study while pregnant and boring at home.

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It all depends on how professionally you want to learn the language. To travel to France, I took a dictionary and perfectly understood what I was told in French. But somehow I was sent on a business trip to Paris. And my knowledge was not enough to translate my documentation. That’s why I decided to turn for help to the website https://pickwriters.com/translation-rates for the translation. Thanks to the experts, my meeting with my French colleagues was a success and I didn't have to worry about the correct translation.

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Promo terbesar expert care sudah dimulai, diskon hingga Rp.100.000 sedang berlangsung di shopee, ada juga voucher diskon 100% alias gratis bagi bunda yang beruntung. Buruan cek di https://shope.ee/9UfEMMqqTg (id-22594)

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Baking wise you can look into videos on youtube. Makeup too! It's hard to find courses that are free. If you are 25 years and above. There is skillfuture credit to try on different courses.

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If u still have skills future fund can consider 1 day baking/cooking course at Asian Culinary Institution. Its located at Lifelong Institution at Payar Lebar

I learnt baking cake, bread etc from YouTube, Google and Facebook too. I have been baking cake for my girl's celebration on my own since then.

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Free - google and youtube. There are also free university courses online if you are really interested and want to challenge yourself.

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You can go to community centres (CC) near your home to enquire. Most CC organizes baking, make up and language classes

I learn via google! Any and everything can be found on google. Its the digital error, tap on it :)

A tutor helped me. When they correct you and point out mistakes, this is well remembered.

Google online... And if your are Singaporean, see if have skillfuture credit.