4 months pregnant and suddenly started getting rashes around my abdomen. Should I be worried?

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Doesn't look too worrying. U can take a look at the clothes that u are wearing now. Sometimes skin gets more sensitive and the fiber's tightness or edges could just be getting our skin to act up a little - so it's ok I guess. U can try to moisturizer it more :) but that said...itching is sometimes the prelude to stretch marks - so be quick to slap on the moisturizers

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Hi . Just wanna Ask , im c section. When my menstration will be get normal. ?Because right now Im confused since i give birth aug 30 2016 to my daughter still have discharged blood it's not heavy like coin shape.. Im just wondering if it's still normal

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It's better to visit your obstetrician if the rashes are persistent and itchy although most of the time these rashes are self resolving.

I agree with the comment above, this doesn't look like a rash but a close up of a stretch mark. Can you provide a zoomed out photo?

Not too sure. Looks like stretchmarks more then rashes? Is that possible. Please dont quote me. :)

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I will put more cream on the area. But if it’s persist, pls see a doctor

Sometime is caused by the strenchmark cream. Once I stop it's seem better

Me too! I’m suspecting if I’m sensitive to the ultrasound gel ):

Honestly, it looks more like stretchmark? Does it itch?