oct 2022 EDD

hi, is there any groupchat for oct 2022 EDD? tia!

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Hello mummies 👋🏻! Just created a telegram group chat for EDD October 2022 mummies. Feel free to rant and/or share your experiences and/or deals etc. 😊 Let's support one another through this journey! 🙌 😉 https://t.me/eddoct2022sgmummies

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Hi, anyone managed to join the fb group? I’m 3 Oct! I have requested to join since 1 week ago but haven’t been accepted.

FB group has a Oct 2022 SG mom group, can check it out! there's a link there to join

2y ago

this is the one.. if u scroll below u can see the WhatsApp chat link but you've to fill a form prior to join!

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trying joining the Facebook page, they usually share the link there

would love to know too! mine is also oct 22!

I'm Oct edd too & First time mom !

1y ago

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Me too!! End Oct 2022

2y ago

mines 27 Oct 😁

mines 14 oct ☺️

Try in birth clubs

I'm Oct 22 too