Has anyone successfully tried to re-lactate? I read on google and watched tiktok that it’s possible to re-lactate even after it has dried out. My baby is currently 7mo and i last pump when he was about 4 months. Being a sahm can make me think of a lot of things. I suddenly miss producing for my baby and tried to-relactate. My mistake was that i never keep any breastmilk in any case he has a fever or whatnot. Now that he’s in his teething phase, i have to prepare for the worst because i heard they can have high fever when growing teeth. I wouldn’t say my attempt is successful but so far there has been a positive sign. I remember mine has completely dried out because i squeezed as hard as i could and nothing came out. Eversince the attempt on re-lactating, i did spot some, what i think is colostrum because it’s yellowy liquid. But so far the process is very slow because the liquid is still around my nipple (thats how little it is). After pumping there will be colostrum on my nipple, and i tried to get my baby to have a taste but sucks he doesn’t want to latch anymore. And i tried to pump every 2-3hours but sometimes i only managed to pump 3x a day and that reminded me why i stopped in the first place haha because my baby is in his climbing phase. So whenever i put him on the floor to play independently while i tried to pump for 20mins, he would try to climb on places that he shouldn’t be. Even when i tried to pump when he’s asleep, it’s tough because contact nap is the only way for him to have sufficient sleep, or else he would wake up not long after and then crawl around the bed, fearing that i wouldn’t catch him in time if he ever makes to the edge. Anyway, just wondering if there are any successful attempts and how long does it take to finally have a full supply? #Relactation #advicepls

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I duno about re lactation but teething doesn’t give baby high fever. My baby only experienced higher body temperature, that’s it.