isit normal?

My skin changed when I started found out I'm skin became dry and sensitive and I can have rashes all over my legs and arms isit normal?my skin now feel so uglyzz.☹️it's feel like eczema skin but I'm not ..

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Hi! It is normal. I had that too when I was pregnant but it goes away after I gave birth even my dark spots back to normal. There will be a lot of changes in our body. Enjoy your pregnancy! :)

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It's hormones. Every pregnancy is different! When I was pregnant, my skin glow and over moisture. My hair became thicker and I became paler, that's my hormone changes during my pregnancy.

Normal. My ezcema flare up for the first 12 weeks. Worst part is i couldnt moisturize because i hate all the moisturizers smell. Try FAB from sephora for ezcema

It’s normal. I have a lot of small pimples on my forehead and some breakouts near the nose and upper lip area every day when I used to have clear skin before

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Yup its normal due to the strech of your skin. Mine was hell itchy all over stomach and leg. Suggest for u to go doctor ok

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Yes for me as well , due to sagging skin n also hormonal changes .. after delivery u will b alright bt takes some time

Wen I find out I had baby boy I skin all dry Previously I pregnant baby girl all my skin much different n glow...

Yes it happened to me too! Dry skin need moisturising so you can get soothie woothie balm from Inara organics! :)

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Me too! I got rashes in between my fingers almost eczema like...jus need to keep the areas clean n moisturise..