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Hi, just recently found out that I am pregnant and it's my first pregnancy. A lil confused where to start.. I'm looking to deliver in KKH. Want to go for a single bedder. How do I go about making that 1st appointment with the gynae? Do I have to get a GP to refer me first? Or can I directly call KKH?

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You can make appointment on kkh website. They will email you. Before that do research on which doctor you would like to see. I am currently with Prof John Tee.

4y ago

I just gave birth 4 mths ago under doc John tee, I choose 4 bedded , natural birth without epidural , total cash payout is ard $1800 :)

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You can opt for single bedder when warded for delivery, then from there, u pay private rate. But the cost savings from now till then can be more than 1k.

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Cant choose doc for sub route but one appt will be 50 range instead of 150 range.

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If u want pay sub rates, need to go polyclinic first to get referral to kkh.