Oh it is scary, brown pregnancy discharge

Mums , Please tell me which pregnancy discharge are normal during pregnancy. I am 8 weeks pregnant , I had light bleeding a few days and Now I am having brown discharge. Is it normal? No other symptoms or pain. I have heard that white pregnancy discharge is normal during early pregnancy and yellow mucus discharge is not normal. is that true? Does brown discharge mean a cervical issue?

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Best to check with your gynae, I also had brown discharge once when am in my 7wks of pregnancy, doctor said it could be implantation bleeding but since I had history of miscarriage, she gave me oral medicines and shot.

To know more about the types of discharge & what the different colors mean, please refer to this article: https://sg.theasianparent.com/vaginal-discharge-during-pregnancy

best to see gynae..I also used to have brown discharge..it is old blood..and gynae diagnosed me with threatened miscarriage..and was on hormonal therapy

Hi Best to get it checked with your gynae. Brown discharge might be old blood coming out but best to get checked with your gynae

best to consult with gynae. all discharges cld mean good and bad, for peace of mind, get a professional to check it out

I think brown is ok but red blood is a concern. My situation didn’t end well

I’m 7 weeks pregnant and with a little pink discharge is it normal ?

1y ago

I tink u shld contact ur gynae