Which pregnancy calculator is best?

Mums, How can we find out our edd / due date and how many weeks pregnant I am? Is there any pregnancy calculator? I am excited and I would like to know it as soon as possible. My first doctor's visit falls on next week. Thank you all

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Period calendars can give an estimate! Or you can even google the calculators :) just need to be sure of your 1st day of your last period. However, edd can change according to baby size! Mine changed like 3 times and I’m already in my 21st week ? doc even said that it depends on baby size

Here is a list of recommended delivery date pregnancy calculators. But it's best to take into consideration the uses and effects of these calculators. https://sg.theasianparent.com/pregnancy-due-date-calculator#5_best_pregnancy_due_date_calculators


I used this app, which asks for your last period. First EDD was 4 April. Then after 2nd gynae appt, based on baby’s size in ultrasound, EDD changed to 31 Mar. So just take the EDD as an estimate, as it changes as baby grows

There are multiple calculators available online but would like to recommend this one. It help my spouse to track: https://sg.theasianparent.com/due-date-calculator. Tryout this one!

What to expect app. It is able to calculate for IVF too.