Suspecting baby acne on my newborn

Hi Mummies, Recently I see red spots on my newborn baby’s chin and cheeks specially after breastfeeding. I have attached the photo here L. Sometimes they are very prominent and sometimes they are light. I suspect they are baby acne. Anybody else faced this ? My baby is 11 days old. #advicepls

Suspecting baby acne on my newborn
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My baby had the same issue. Confinement lady boiled chrysanthemum and honeysuckle tea (1:1 ratio, bring to boil over stove then simmer over low fire for an hour or so). When bathing baby, use normal tap water. Then use tea ( dilute with water so you have enough) to do a final rinse of the body then dry baby. Don’t rinse tea off with water. Can do this once a day for 1-2 days. Helps to rid body of heat and toxins. Works for my baby and we have used this on and off whenever he has red spots on his face.

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Second the above comment, it could be rash milk. It usually appears at the cheek or near the mouth area. My son had this until he was 2.5 months due to breastfeeding. What i did after each feeding is to dap a small cotton wool with luke warm water on the area. Leave it to dry. It subsided once my son turns 3 months old. But if its prolonged or spread to other areas best to go doctor to get proper treatment.

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My baby now 2 months old had the same thing, doctor said it’s facial acne / mild heat rash and it’s pretty normal. We were advised to use the aqueous cream on the affected area (spread thinly) and his condition improved greatly, he no longer has it. Maybe you can try moisturing and see how it goes :) they are also getting used to outside elements🤎

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It’s normal. It’s milk/drool rash. They will also have it when they start sucking their hands (saliva spreading over face). I just use cotton balls with warm water to clean after every feeding, let it dry then apply a thin layer of Sudocrem. Alternatively, just use warm water and cotton balls.

Yeap my 1 month plus old baby has some white spots on face like pimple, sometimes red spots but ill usually dab with cotton wool (warm water) or put kodomo powder lotion.

Baby’s skin is very very sensitive. Consider ceravan advanced skin cream - recommended by my ped :) not to worry most outgrow the rashes by 6 months to a year :)

Could it be rash from milk that spew out?

1y ago

Is that a thing ? Sorry new mum here so not sure. What shall I do in this case ?