Hi mummies, anyone with preemie baby (33-36 weeks)? Care to share the developmental milestones and timeline (physical and behavioural) for your baby? I get confused when to use corrected age and when not to.

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Super Mum

My 35-week baby followed the milestones of her adjusted age quite closely in the first 5-6 months, but when it comes to later stages (crawling, walking) even full term babies will differ drastically so it doesn't matter that much later on.

4y ago

Yes i agree what Linh say. Definite if there is progress then there shudnt be anything ti worry about.

My second son was born 35 weeks. So far the my gynae told me just follow the developemental milestones with the current age.

4y ago

Current age meaning no need to adjust to corrected age?