Acid reflux

Hi mommies, may I ask if anyone here experienced this. I’m 19wks pregnant and I’m having acid reflux and sharp pain in my left rib cage esp when deep breathing, sneezing, or lying left side. It started last 1st Apr when I ate maybe too much beef, and plantain banana with green veggies. Since then whenever I eat I’ll be having acid and gas. It’s been 4 days and since I’m not taking any meds, it’s far from getting better :( I went to GP and gave me Anarex and Famotidine which I also informed my OB and waiting for her reply.. My next prenatal checkup is on Thurs 9th April. Thank you in advance..

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Pls call ur gynae and see if she can prescribe meds to help with the acid reflux

4y ago

Thank you. She replied and said to replace the anarex to panadol. While femotidine is ok to take until i get to visit her on my scheduled pre-natal this wk. however the pain becomes intense that made me woke up whenever i switched to right side (yes right side but the pain coming is under left rib cage) im so scared right now and thinking to go to hospital..