Baby struggling to poop or pass gas in the early mornings

Hi mamas! My LO has been struggling to poop or pass gas every time after the early morning feeds (BF at 5am ish) and always grunting, eventually doesn’t sleep and cry herself awake. This straining and grunting won’t stop until she cries herself awake and I feed her again and that induces a huge poop in the morning. Is this normal? How do I help her sleep better? I have tried tummy massage and leg cycling methods to pass gas but it doesn’t help!

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I try to burp the baby more. The sitting burp doesn't work very well for my LO, but the over the shoulder one works better, so I'll try to get as much wind out through burps where possible. It does seem to help with the early morning gas when baby is burped more.

Maybe u can give probiotics so that ur LO will pass motion without so much of a strain.