Is it possible that I’m pregnant?

I’m currently 8months+ postpartum and my period is expected to come by 15mar. However im already 10 days late. The latest in my record was 9 days but that was before i got married. The last time i figured i was pregnant when was already more than 10 days late. At least i got some early signs of pregnancy which was frequent urinating. But now, i don’t know if I am actually pregnant?? I did tests when i was 3 days, 6 days, 8 days late but it was all negative. I know hcg level might take time but the last time i did the deed was a month ago, on the 10th day cycle (4 days after my period is over). Despite it stated that it was on the fertility window, medium chance, It shouldn’t really take that long, right? Besides, nothing odd happened to me to suspect that i might be pregnant but it’s just so so weird because i never miss my period. Any mums have experience the same thing? People always say that first and second pregnancy could be different. #worriedmomhere #paranoidmom

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Likely, because sperm stays in your vagina for 4-6 days