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I’m currently 20 weeks and have since put on abt 7-8kg. :( Is this ok? I checked the pregnancy calculator and I’m ard 1kg over the limit. I’ve been gaining weight ever since I hit my 2nd trimester. An avg of 1.5-2kg a month. I’m just abit worried I’ll be overweight by my 3rd trimester. Anyone gained more than 15kg in total?

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I gained a total of 25kg for my first pregnancy. Went over limit based on the weight calculator but everything was okay. Baby was born healthy at 2.9kg and I lost all the weight within 3 months post natal. Current pregnancy at wk24, I ate the same yet gained only close to 2kg so far. However, baby’s gaining good weight as compared to first pregnancy. I guess diff pregnancy is different. Just rmb to eat healthily. Weight is afterall just a number.

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It also depends on your bmi. So just check with your gynae, they will advise accordingly! :) As long as you are not binge eating, everything in moderation its ok! And most importantly, baby is gaining weight too. 🤗

i gained 48kg when im pregnant w my daughter .. has GDM and my first baby weighs at 4kg during birth . be sure to watch what you eat mummy ! stay healthy always ❤

Gained 16kg! Checked with clinic and they said up to 20kg is acceptable, however do take note on your sugar intake. I tried to avoid rice and take bee hoon etc.

I gained 20kg in total. No worries as long as there are no red flags for both mum and baby!

im week 32 now, has gained 6kg thus far. baby is 1.8kg now. gynae said we are on track.

From week 16-20 i gained around 2kg plus From week 20-28, i lost that 2kg 😅

I gained 15 to 16kg. Doctor told me to eat in moderation and healthily:)