I told my brother I would let him name my first born - this was a promise i made when we were kids and he keeps teasing me about it now that I am pregnant. I know while he jokes about it, he's actually quite serious about it and will be passive aggressive if I dont let him name my child. I don't actually want him to name my kid - can you think of a compromise or a gentle let down?

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Let him lor.. U can use it as suggestion.... My hb side. When i convert to myself to islamic religious. My mil oso wanna help me to choose. Which i dun like. Some manly.. But is good name. So juz to compromise.. Make her happy.. I add another name infront..... Hahha.. She happy i happy. But if ur own kids. U had ur choice to choose. Ur child u name.. U are the mama..

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Well maybe u want to see if there is any Chinese family name book that u have to follow? Ask him for a few suggestions and choose from there? Hopefully like he give 5 names there will be something u loke

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Probably get him to give you a few suggestion, From there you try to 'tweak' the name a little? You can say and refer ' name is inspired by your brother'

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I would get him involved with the name choosing. And make it a casual thing. End of it i would laugh it off.

tell him that Ur partner, which is the father of the child, said he will name his child his self.

tell him ur in law wants u to get fengshui master to name ur bb

Hahahaha tell him that the geomancer didn't agree with his chosen name. =p